PP.01 – Activity profiling of essential oils and aromatic extracts on SARS-CoV-2 key enzyme
Daniel Jan Strub

PP.02 – Chemical composition of essential oils from native plants of Philippines
Ladislav Kokoska

PP.03 – Evaluation of antibacterial effect of essential oils from Indian medicinal plants using new broth macrodilution volatilization method
Ladislav Kokoska

PP.04 – HS-SPME-GC/MS analysis of volatile secondary metabolites of Varronia curassavica Jacq. and Satureja viminea L. leaves
Elena E. Stashenko

PP.05 – Chemical Diversity and Anti-fungal Action of Kānuka (Kunzea ericoides) from different geographical locations in New Zealand
Wendy Maddocks

PP.06 – Study of essential oil obtained from Salvia aratocensis (Lamiaceae) cultivated in Colombia
Elena E. Stashenko

PP.07 – Antibacterial Activity of Thymus vulgaris L. Essential Oil in the Vapour Phase and its Headspace GC/MS Analysis
Antih Julien

PP.08 – Caenorhabditis elegans as an in vitro model for the evaluation of anthelmintic activities of essential oil blends
Marie Lang

PP.09 – Salvia apiana In Vitro Shoot System as a source of unique volatile fraction
Maria Łuczkiewicz

PP.10 – Cymbopogon nardus (Poaceae) essential oil steam distillation and fractionation
Elena E. Stashenko

PP.11 – Characterisation of trichomes morphology and density in the genus Ocimum L.
Nazia Nazar

PP.12 – Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of essential oils against plant pathogens in vapour phase
Ingrid Faltová

PP.13 – Ambrosia peruviana (Asteraceae) essential oil from Colombia and its chemical characterization
Sheila B. Beltrán

PP.14 – Chemical composition of the essential oil of Hyptis colombiana (Lamiaceae)
Sheila B. Beltrán

PP.15 – Essential oils extracted from organic propolis residues: an evaluation of their antibacterial and antioxidant properties and determination of their chemical volatile compounds
Carmen M.S. Ambrosio

PP.16 – Essential Oil Composition and Ethnobotanical Profile of Some Selected Species of Eucalyptus Growing in Cyprus
Duygu Yiğit Hanoğlu, Dudu Özkum Yavuz

PP.17 – Anti-inflammatory activity and chemical compositions of Prangos platychlaena essential oil and fractions
Damla Kırcı

PP.18 – Anti-inflammatory activity of essential oils of two Echinophora L. species
Damla Kırcı

PP.19 – Chemical profile and anticholineesterase power of Artemisia volatile oils from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Olivera Politeo

PP.20 – Essential oil composition of Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik herba
Ceyda Sibel Kılıç

PP.21 – Isolation and identification of acylphloroglucinols in the seedlings of the medicinal plant, Melaleuca alternifolia (Australian tea tree)
Janelle J. Schafer

PP.22 – Essential Oil Profile and Yield of Corolla, Calyx, Leaf, and Whole Flowering Top of Cultivated Lavandula angustifolia Mill. (Lamiaceae) From Utah
Tyler M. Wilson

PP.23 – Essential oil, insect, and microbe relationship with Juniperus osteosperma trees killed by wildfire
Tyler M. Wilson

PP.24 – Portuguese monofloral honeys – the importance of volatile profile in botanical source differentiation
Ana Cristina Figueiredo

PP.25 – Volatile composition, biological properties and potential uses of hydrolates
Ana Cristina Figueiredo

PP.26 – Allelopathic effects of Satureja hortensis and its essential oil on the germination of selected species
Jana Pexová Kalinová

PP.27 – Analysis of the chemical composition and stability of aromatic hydrosols
Eva Heuberger

PP.28 – Anticandidal Activity and Chemical Composition of the Essential Oils from Aerial Part, Inflorescence, and Roots of Endemic Prangos abieticola Aytaç & H.Duman
Yavuz Bülent Köse

PP.29 – In vitro ACE2 Enzyme Inhibition of Different Salvia Essential Oils
Ayşe Esra Karadağ

PP.31 – Antioxidant/Antityrosinase Activities and Volatile Composition of Peucedanum alkaliniae Essential Oil
Mine Kürkçüoğlu

PP.32 – Volatile Constituents and In Vitro Antioxidant and Antityrosinase Activities of the Prangos munzurensis Fruits and Roots Essential Oils
Mine Kürkçüoğlu